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Our consultants will assist you with the design of your technology road map

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The benefit of our consultancy services

We enable your business to maximize the investments you make in new technology by listening to you and understanding the needs and requirements of your team and your business objectives. We then research the desired technologies, developing a conceptual road map to enable the delivery of fit for purposa solutions, either to your existing infrastructure or by replacement through phased project implementations. Our research, project design, cost analysis, risk assessments, implementation planning, project management and support saves you time and money with a structured approach to ensuring your business has the technological advantage you require.

What to expect from our consultancy services

That we add value to the solutions and services we advise you on. That we listen and understand the challenges you are facing. That you can rely on us to design you a solution that is unique to your needs and truly fit for purpose. This is the value we add, and it’s more than just expertise with technology, we offer you relevant industry experience to understand the challenges your business faces and how to overcome them.


Qualified Consultants


Comprehensive Documentation


Risk Analysis


Process Management


Vendor Transparency


Diverse Expertise

Core aspects of our consultancy services


IT Assessments

The first step in developing a solution is to analyze the current situation. By working together, we develop an understanding of your business initiatives and the goals you wish to achieve. This helps us determine the best technological strategy to meet those objectives.

Documentation Management

A vital step in providing managed IT services is the assessment and documentation of your IT infrastructure. The technological infrastructure of any business has become much more complex than in the past and therefore detailed documentation is needed is required to stay abreast of any and all changes.

Infrastructure Design

Once the assessment is complete and we have an understanding of your infrastructure, our project team will plan the design of an efficient, stable and secure network. By thoroughly planning your infrastructure, we are able to create a solid foundation for any future expansion or enhancements to your ICT infrastructure.

Cost Analysis

By doing a thorough costs analysis of the proposals presented by various service providers, we are able to determine what options provide the best approach and achieve the most benefits while preserving savings.


Consolidate Services

With the design and cost analysis completed, we will be able to consolidate your services and reduce your overall IT spend.


Project Management

We will manage each stage of these processes and the implementation phases making sure every service provider adheres to the specifics of the project planning, completes projects within budget and fulfills all their commitments prior to project sign off.

Need assistance with the planning, design, implementation and management of your technology projects?