Managed IT Services

By outsourcing your IT requirements your business is able to tap into a diversified range of skill sets

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The benefits of a Managed Services Provider

For most companies, employing an internal IT team with a diverse set of IT skills and industry experience to manage their infrastructure 24/7 is not affordable. As a minimum, companies need IT professionals with expertise in servers, storage, networking, virtualization, workstation and mobile support, cyber security and disaster recovery.

To ensure your business has covered all the bases and is efficiently maintaining a secure and functional environment, invest in managed IT support services.

What to expect from a managed services provider?

Support packages designed to include precisely what you need, and nothing you don’t. This is what makes Managed IT Services more dynamic and affordable. A managed services provider offers you real time monitoring and management solutions that immediately inform support specialists of potential threats or failures that must be resolved before infrastructure integrity is affected. All these features are backed by detailed reports, readily available for you to review on a weekly or monthly basis.


Does your business need 24/7 support?

Your business may only operate between 8am–5pm, but some core network functions, like your server, firewall or backup solution may encounter problems while your business is closed and these instances will impact the business the following day and potentially cause a disruption in productivity. Is it worth not considering 24/7 managed IT support to ensure your business is always operational?


Quickly Implement New Technology

We aim to start your new projects right away. Handling the same project in-house might involve months to hire the right people, train them, and provide the support they need. We offer much needed experience from the get go saving you time and money.


Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness

Businesses that try manage all their IT Services in-house end up spending more on research, development and implementation time. Outsourcing technical expertise is more cost effective and through project management even more efficient.


Assessing what services will be important to you

Every business has a degree of standardized solutions that need to be monitored as a minimum support service. Servers, anti-virus and operating system patch management is a service that is executed from a central platform by remote monitoring and management solutions that provide detailed weekly and monthly reports. With this level of reporting, you can truly measure the value of the services provided to you.


Working within budget?

Solutions should be flexible and scalable allowing you to pay for the services you need and nothing more. As a managed services provider that is the whole idea behind developing a partnership, so we assist you in structuring the best solution to meet your businesses needs and budget.


Reduce Labour Costs

Hiring and training IT staff tends to be very expensive. Temporary staff don’t always live up to your expectations. Allowing us to manage your IT gives you the much needed time to focus on your business.

Some of the managed services you will benefit from

Connectivity Management

Automated Backups

Hosted Exchange Services

Onsite & Remote Support

Managed Firewall Solutions

Telephonic Support

Printing & Imaging Solutions

Reduce IT Overheads